Recent Advances in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology: Volume 1

With recent technological advances, fields such as forensic odontology, forensic biology, forensic serology, forensic psychiatry and forensic pathology have been recognized as major subspecialities. Recent Advances in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology provides all the recent updates on medical jurisprudence, clinical forensic medicine and forensic pathology to help forensic specialists, as well as medical professionals who need to seek the opinion of a forensic specialist in medicolegal cases. The book is divided into 3 sections; medical jurisprudence, medical ethics, forensic pathology or toxicology. The book includes detailed debate on medicolegal examination and certification of a case of injury, medicolegal aspects of injuries, how to approach a case of poisoning, alcohol intoxication, head and neck injury, attempted strangulation, and emerging issues in sex verification and victim identification in mass disasters. Recent Advances in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is an important and highly relevant book for residents and fellows in forensic medicine, forensic medicine specialists and medical officers. Key Points * Features discussion on the legal, social and humanitarian aspects of euthanasia * Up-to-date debates on expert medical evidence, legal and medical issues of medical records * Over 160 full colour and black and white illustrations, images and tables