Quick and Easy Chinese Stir-fries: 60 Fast, Healthy Recipes with Spice and Taste, Shown Step by Step

This is a wonderful collection of over 60 speedy and easy-to-prepare Chinese recipes that are shown in more than 300 specially comissioned colour photographs. It includes sections on soups and appetizers; fish and seafood; meat and poultry; vegetables; noodles and rice; and, desserts. It features step-by-step photographs that illustrate every stage of the preparation and cooking process. It offers helpful hints on Chinese ingredients, on using a wok and on preparation and cooking techniques. It also includes recipes that range from familiar Cantonese favourites to spicy Szechuan dishes, and from sophisticated Peking cuisine to the seafood specialities of Shanghai. Chinese cuisine is immensely popular in the West and, with the growing availability of Chinese and specialist ingredients, it has never been easier to prepare and cook at home. It both looks and tastes delicious, but perhaps the greatest charm - for the family cook, anyway - is that so many dishes can be prepared in minutes. This superb collection of over 60 recipes is a culinary tour of all regions of this vast country. Whether you want to create a full Chinese meal, with its balance of varied dishes, flavours and textures, or simply ring the changes with something a little different, you will find the recipes you are looking for. Throughout the book there are step-by-step photographs to illustrate every stage of the preparation and cooking process so you can see exactly what you are aiming to achieve.