Profiles of America: Facts, Figures and Statistics for Every Populated Place in the United States

Profiles of America is the only source that pulls together, in one place, statistical, historical and descriptive information about almost every place in the United States in an easy-to-use format. This award winning reference set, now in its second edition, compiles statistics and data from over 30 different sources - the latest census information has been included along with more than nine brand new statistical topics. This Four-Volume Set details over 40,000 places, from the biggest metropolis to the smallest unincorporated hamlet, and provides statistical details and information on over 50 different topics including: Geography, Climate, Population, Vital Statistics, Economy, Income, Taxes, Education, Housing, Health & Environment, Public Safety, Transportation, Presidential Election Results, Chambers of Commerce and more. Profiles are arranged, for ease-of-use, by state and then by county. Each county begins with a County-Wide Overview and is followed by information for each Community in that particular county. The Community Profiles within the county are arranged alphabetically. Profiles of America is a virtual snapshot of America at your fingertips, a unique compilation of information that will be widely used in any reference collection.