Principles of Electronic Communications Analog and Digital

This comprehensive textbook introduces the concepts of analog and digital communications using a tutorial approach. Beginning with a chapter on signal analysis, the book present, methodically, the following: Signal transmission through linear systems and filters Continuous-wave modulation Exponential CW modulation Pulse modulation Digital modulation techniques and data transmission Spread spectrum modulation Theory of probability and random process Noise in AM and FM systems Data encryption and decryption The concept of equalization and pulse shaping Each chapter contains illustrative examples and worked-out problems. The language used is simple and easy to understand. The book is self-contained and rich in exercises and would be ideal for students pursuing courses in electronics and communications engineering or related disciplines. Most of the chapter-end questions are drawn from recent examinations conducted by various technical institutes and universities in India. Questions of the multiple-choice type will be particularly useful for making a quick assessment of the concepts learned.