Primary Healthcare Psychiatry: A Practical Guide for South Africa

Psychiatric disorders are important causes of disability in the developing world. Healthcare workers at the primary level are increasingly required to deal with a wide range of psychological problems and psychiatric disorders. Primary Health Care Psychiatry aims to equip these workers with the basic information they need to identify and manage most of these problems. It also offers guidelines on when and how to refer to more specialized levels of care.Features of the book include: 50 chapters written by a wide range of practitioners drawn from academic institutions throughout southern Africa Clear and accessible text; case studies that illustrate common clinical problems; a simple, problem-based approach; an easy-to-follow synopsis at the end of most chapters, offering a practical scheme for assessment and management that may be read at a glance, with guidelines for referral; a southern African context which addresses the particular challenges faced by a developing and transforming society with limited financial resources; and, an extensive list of resources.The book will be useful to general practitioners, medical officers, nurses, social workers, psychologists and others involved in primary health care. It will also be of use to medical students and students of allied disciplines. Patients and their families, too, will find the information contained in the book helpful, enabling them to make informed choices about the care they receive.