Preparing for the Euro: What UK Companies Must Do to be Ready

Series: MB Executive
It is only a matter of time before a referendum on joining the euro is held. Whilst we can't predict the outcome or precise timing of the referendum, UK companies cannot afford to ignore the following:* there is a significant chance of a yes vote within two years * if there is a yes vote the timeframe for entry will be shorter than that enjoyed by those countries already in the euro * almost every aspect of their business will be touched in some way by the process * significant costs will be incurred and these need to be budgeted for.There are preparations that companies can and should be making now. Whether you're a europhile or a europhobe, the risks of not being prepared are too high to be ignored. This briefing explains what you need to do and looks at how companies across the euro-zone have prepared and what lessons can be learned from those experiences. It will also give you invaluable guidance on what action you need to take when and if the UK does opt in. Make sure you' re ahead of the game. Contents include:* Lessons learned * Compliance * What can companies do now? * A route-map to preparations * Post implementation review * Mobilisation * Business strategy * Impact assessment * Implementation * Post implementation review