Practical Statistics: A Quick and Easy Guide to IBM (R) SPSS (R) Statistics, STATA, and Other Statistical Software

This book provides readers with step-by-step guidance on running a wide variety of statistical analyses in SPSS, Stata, and other programmes. Author David Kremelberg begins his user-friendly text by covering charts and graphs through regression, time-series analysis, and factor analysis. He provides a background of the method, then explains how to run these tests in SPSS and Stata. He then progresses to more advanced kinds of statistics such as HLM and SEM, where he describes the tests and explains how to run these tests in their appropriate software including HLM and AMOS. Key Features: - Step-by-step instructions on how to run statistical tests enables students to run complex statistical tests quickly, efficiently, and accurately. - Clear explanations of the tests allow students to better understand the theory behind the tests and their proper use. - Includes instructions using both the menus and syntax beginners need. - Provides more advanced students the direction to run quick and efficient analyses (syntax). This is an invaluable guide for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students across the social and behavioural sciences who need assistance in understanding the various statistical packages.