Practical Atlas of MRI

Unlike other branches of medicine, acquiring expertise in Imaging is through seeing different pathologies and correlating with operative findings and final histopathology. This book has been aimed to guide the residents and radiologists to acquire expertise in magnetic resonance imaging. Includes a wide range of pathology and interesting MRI images acquired over a long time. Normal anatomy, normal variations and different pathologies are included in the atlas. For the images, legends are given to describe the symptoms, image sequences and also relevant text about each diagnosis. Most of the images are acquired on 1.5 TESLA MRI equipment. It covers all the systems in the body, but this is by no means complete. This book is primarily meant for Radiology residents, General practitioners, Radiologists, doctors from other specialties, MRI and other technical staff and others who have a special interest in MRI. The authors have collected 52 interesting cases which they have examined during the past few years. Radiologists who work in those parts of the world where there is much interesting pathology and at the same time modern imaging equipment available are fortunate to see interesting cases of all different organ systems covering the whole body and to be able to examine these cases. The book contains good illustrations of a variety of diseases and each illustration has relevant short text.