Powerful Practices for High-Performing Special Educators

Designed for primary and secondary special educators, Powerful Practices for High-Performing Special Educators offers research-based and coordinated instructional strategies that help meet the academic needs of students with disabilities and provides specific examples and scenarios rooted in the realities of special education classrooms, self-contained programmes, or inclusive settings. Field-tested in both special education and general education classrooms with diverse populations, the strategies are effective with students who may not have strong literacy skills, whether they are in special or general education classrooms or are receiving instruction for English language learners (ELL). Every section of the book addresses specific concerns voiced by novice teachers and identified by research as influential in retaining special education teachers, and provides an overview of exemplary practices which promote successful outcomes for students on an Individualized Education Program. Chapter features include: - An overview and objectives - Strategies for professional practice - Quick history and research base - Connecting to diverse student populations - Examples from real-life experiences - Links to student achievement - Myth busters - Bibliography, websites, and professional organizations - Self-assessments - Reproducible forms located in an appendix.