Postwar Pop: Memorabilia of the Mid-20th Century

Pop culture collectibles from the post-World War I and II (1920s-1960s) are brought to life again in this new reference guide. Relive the days of the novelty must-haves, including Hallmark paper dolls, holiday ephemera, Vogue picture records, and vaudeville. See the impact ceramists Marc Bellaire, Howard Pierce, and Heidi Schoop had in their era and today. Get nostalgic while viewing early TV Guides with I Love Lucy and Liberace. Take a walk down memory lane through movie posters featuring such iconic stars as Shirley Temple and Ava Gardner. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at popular antique walks held in such places as Walnut, Iowa. With 682 images, this invigorating exploration of the tastes that shaped an era is sure to make you smile. This reference book is a must-have for lovers of American popular culture, historians, and collectors.