Post-mortem Journal: Communications from Lawrence of Arabia Through the Mediumship of Jane Sherwood

There is probably no stranger nor more controversial book that Jane Sherwood's report, through automatic writing, of the identity of a communicator from the other side of the grave who chose to call himself 'Scott'. After many years of enforced silence, as a result of a solemn promise given to Scott, Jane Sherwood reveals his true identity, namely, Colonel T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). Post-Mortem Journal opens at the moment of Lawrence's death when he finds himself lying at the roadside by his shattered motorbike, unaware that he is actually 'dead'. It continues over the years and shows us the development and salvation of a tortured and guilty man who, for the first time, is forced into admitting his weaknesses and vanities during his earthly life and is only now able to come to terms with himself. Such revelations are both harrowing and magnificent. 'As to the validity', says Jane Sherwood, 'of the information contained in 'Scott's' journal I can only vouch for my own honesty; what I have received is here set down without addition or modification. The readers must judge of its probability for themselves.'