Polarity Coaching: Coaching People and Managing Polarities

Paperback / softback
What do you do when you re coaching someone who has problems that are unsolvable and unavoidable? This resource skillfully brings together Polarity Management and coaching principles to create Polarity Coaching. This indispensable coach s guide is about coaching people, managing polarities and blending the two disciplines to see and experience predictive patterns that would not otherwise be visible. You ll learn how to practice Polarity Coaching, using the same powerful questions and visioning of traditional coaching. In addition, you ll gain a practical structure for employees/clients to walk through their stories in a way that uncovers values and fears, as well as develop action steps and early warnings. The seven case studies will bring Polarity Coaching to life and show you how it transforms the coaching conversation. If you re new to this tool, this easy-to-read volume will show you exactly how and where to start. If you re experienced, there are so many practical techniques and useful insights, you'll find plenty that s new.