Plotinus (205-270AD) was the founder of Neoplatonism, whose thought has had a profound influence on medieval philosophy, and on Western philosophy more broadly. In this engaging book, Eyjolfur K. Emilsson introduces and explains the full spectrum of Plotinus's philosophy for those coming to his work for the first time. Beginning with a chapter-length overview of Plotinus's life and works which also assesses the Platonic, Aristotelian and Stoical traditions that influenced him, Emilsson goes on to address key topics including: * Plotinus's originality * the status of souls * Plotinus's language * The notion of the One or the Good * intellect, including Plotinus's holism * the physical world * the soul and the body, including emotions and the self * Plotinus's ethics * Plotinus's influence and legacy. Including a chronology, glossary of terms, and suggestions for further reading, Plotinus is an ideal introduction to this major figure in Western philosophy, and is essential reading for students of ancient philosophy and classics.