Each chapter of this hybrid edition of the successful beginning Spanish program weaves together solid language instruction and opportunities for real-life communication with the rich and colorful threads of Spanish-speaking cultures. This edition offers the essentials of PLAZAS'language instruction in the form of a condensed version of the printed text with plentiful annotations directing students to the CengagenNOW Live! eBook and additional and complimentary information online. CengagenNOW Live! also offers instructors the ability to facilitate live classrooms online, allowing for more opportunities for real-time discussion and dynamic interaction between instructors and students. The CengagenNOW Live! edition offers all text resources under one roof and includes a complete eBook, an online workbook, a lab manual with audio, enrichment activities previously found on the multimedia CD-ROM, companion video, and an online classroom! This condensed edition contains all grammar and vocabulary explanations, as well as corresponding activities for chapters Preliminar through 12. Sections such as Encuentro cultural and En contexto as well as the complete chapters 13, 14 and 15 are now found in the CengagenNOW Live! full PLAZAS eBook. These sections are annotated with a CengagenNOW Live! icon which directs students to the exact pages of the PLAZAS 2/e eBook in the CengagenNOW Live! program. This new streamlined text also directs students to the eBook for the Revista section that appears every three chapters and the Sintesis section that appears at the end of every chapter to complete online listening, video, reading, and writing sections. Material such as the backmatter and appendices are also available in the CengagenNOW Live! eBook. Enriching resources including vocabulary lists, grammar appendices, and verb charts can easily accessible through the CengagenNOW Live! platform while the text functions as the in-class resource in its condensed form.