Physics for Scientists and Engineers 6e V2 (Ch 21-33): Electricity and Magnetism, Light (Chapters 21-33)

Paperback / softback
Tipler's textbook sets the standard in introductory physics courses for clarity, accuracy, and precision. This title offers a completely integrated text and media solution, enabling professors to customise their classrooms so that they can teach efficiently and get the most out of their students. This text includes a new strategic problem solving approach and an integrated Maths Tutorial with new tools to improve conceptual understanding. These particular chapters include Part 4 focusing on electricity and magnetism, and Part 5 that looks into light. The chapters cover a detailed look with the use of highly informative diagrams and pedagogical information broken up into understandable parts. Through partnering with digital help Sapling Learning, this online homework platform provides extra learning and assessment help for both you and your students. With automatic grading and an easy to use platform, instructors have the option to track and grade each step of the process.