Performance Sailing: Prepare Better, Sail Faster

Whether you want to sail fast to beat an approaching weather system, get into port before dark or beat your competitors over the line, everyone needs to know how to sail their boats at peak performance at some point. In this highly practical book, sailing instructor and veteran racer Steve Colgate explains the secrets of better boat speed - how to 'read' the sails to achieve the most efficient sail shape for maximum performance, what exactly to look for when trimming, what makes for good boat handling, helpful tips on racing tactics, plus many more factors that will enable you to sail your boat better and faster: * what to look for when trimming a sail * how best to set a spinnaker * understand polar diagrams * judge the winds in your path * reduce the drag on your hull * avoid oversteering * ignore distractions to your concentration Packed with clear, friendly practical tips you can use on the water, this is the book that will give you the knowledge to sail faster - whether it's to win the next race or get into harbour quicker.