People Places and Change: A History of the United States

This book includes chapters: Chapter 1 - Discovery, American Natives, and Early Explorations; Chapter 2 - The Beginnings of the Thirteen Colonies and Early Troubles with England; Chapter 3 - The People of the Colonies: The Great Awakening and the Enlightenment; Chapter 4 - Roots of Revolution: Seven Years of War and Revolt; Chapter 5 - The Constitution: Forging the Document; Chapter 6 - Establishing the New Government: From Washington through Jefferson; Chapter 7 - Reshaping the Government and the Supreme Court: The Jefferson Presidency, the War of 1812, and Beginning a New Economy; Chapter 8 - The Jacksonian Era; Chapter 9 - Expansionism and the Slavery Issue; Chapter 10 - Beginning of an Industrial Revolution: Religion and Philosophy; Reform and Slavery; Chapter 11 - Controversy and Conflict: Lincoln; Beginning of War; and Chapter 12 - The Civil War. It also includes: Chapter 13 - Reconstruction: The End of Reconstruction and the Election of 1876; Chapter 14 - Western Frontier: Industrialization and Captains of Industry; Unions; Chapter 15 - Political Change, Political Parties, and the Economy; Chapter 16 - Education, Literature, Expansionism; Hawaii, Spanish American War, China, and Mexico; Chapter 17 - The Progressive Era, Reform Movements, and Reformers; Chapter 18 - World War I and the Peace Treaties; Chapter 19 - The Roaring Twenties: Normalcy and Cultural Changes; A Literary Flowering; Chapter 20 - The Great Depression and the New Deal; Chapter 21 - World War II; Chapter 22 - Post-War, Cold War, and a Red Scare; Chapter 23 - Civil Rights, Cold Warriors, and Intervention: Eisenhower and Kennedy; Chapter 24 - The New Society, Civil Rights, and Protests: Vietnam and Nixon; Chapter 25 - A New Era in Politics and Economics: From Nixon through Reagan; and Chapter 26 - Bush, Clinton, and Bush. It also contains an Appendix Constitution of the United States.