Paperback / softback
Test your mind! Glance at two photos of civil engineers studying their plans on a worksite, and they look identical. But a careful scan through the photos will turn up eight small differences. So what exactly makes one of these photos different? We'll never tell--the fun is in figuring it out! Use your powers of observation and enjoy hours of eagle-eyed fun with Photo Fun Picture Puzzles: People. While studying the striking images, learn about people from different places and walks of life as each puzzle through the fun quotes and facts that complement the subject shown.The book has three types of puzzles with one, two or eight pictures on every page. The puzzles may have five to ten differences, or an odd image that you have to spot.Each puzzle is labeled with a meter measuring the level of difficulty from simple to complex, as well as boxes for readers to fill in their times and keep track of their progress. Those who can't spot the difference can refer to the answer key in the back of the book. Photo Fun Picture Puzzles: People is filled with the best brain-teasers for anyone looking for a fascinating challenge!