Path Integrals and Coherent States of Su(2) and Su(1, 1)

The authors examine several topical subjects, commencing with a general introduction to path integrals in quantum mechanics and the group theoretical backgrounds for path integrals. Applications of harmonic analysis, polar coordinate formulation, various techniques and path integrals on SU(2) and SU(1, 1) are discussed. Soluble examples presented include particle-flux system, a pulsed oscillator, magnetic monopole, the Coulomb problem in curved space and others.The second part deals with the SU(2) coherent states and their applications. Construction and generalization of the SU(2) coherent states, formulation of coherent path integrals for spin and unitary spin, and semiclassical quantization are presented. Applications are made to the study of quantum fluctuation, the nonlinear field model and phase holonomy.The final chapters present the theory of the SU(1, 1) coherent states and their applications. The radial coulomb problem, the Morse oscillator, and the large-N approximation are discussed. Applications to problems in quantum optics such as squeezed states, interaction with the squeezed vacuum states, and phase operator formalism are also included.This book will be useful as an introduction to the subject as well as a valuable work of reference.