Passion's Prey

Passion's Prey is a personal account of grief and healing by Frederique Boumeester, widow of Huib Boumeester, who was a member of the board of ABNAMRO Bank during the time this bank was in turmoil, split up and sold. (The book about this debacle The Perfect Prey, The Fall of ABN Amro, Or What Went Wrong in the Banking Industry by Jeroen Smit is an international bestseller.) Huib's suicide in 2009 was heavily covered in the media and the reasons were debated publicly. In Passion's Prey Frederique leaves the public debate and gory details far behind and beautifully describes her own search for meaning. The process of grief and (non)acceptance she goes through with courageous self-knowledge and humor, is a healing story that could help anyone who is dealing with a severe loss.