Paris Restaurants: 2006/2007

Series: Zagat Guides
The surveyors are 36 per cent women and 64 per cent men. 30 per cent are in their 20s and 30s and 70 per cent are 40 and over. No matter the economic climate, Paris' appetite for lively dining destinations continues unabated, inspiring ever bolder ventures. For every notable closing, there's another restaurateur waiting in the wings, often joined by an expensive team of architects and designers and Zagat Survey is always there to note the changes. So whether you are looking for the hippest restaurant, where to dine with celebs or find a Paris lunch bargain, the new Zagat Survey 2006/07 Paris Restaurant guide rates and reviews 1,000 of the city's best restaurants. The newest guide delivers Zagat's signature comprehensive coverage, rating each restaurant on appeal, decor, service and cost.