The project Nostro Sud (Our Sud), one of the few left unfinished in Fosco Maraini's long professional life, represents a highly important episode in his personal story. Despite the fact that he was always very reticent in speaking of the genesis, development and outcome of this undertaking in detail, the part of his photographic archive devoted to the Italian South still today bears the marks of a constant activity. A stratification of successive rearrangements and regrouping, and of repeated selections of first, second and third choices, bear witness to a need that never left him and that was repeatedly taken up in the last years of his life to give a definitive and satisfying form to this rich photographic material. The idea of telling the story of the South of Italy in pictures, of the immediate post-war period, still radically peasant but in which the first signs of profound changes could be glimpsed, has been resumed and accomplished in this book, which presents a selection of the most eloquent pictures taken by Fosco Maraini during his extraordinary photographic tour through our Southern Italy and its most fascinating sites.