Oriental Theatre

Plays, operas and dances have developed in infinite variety, richness and colour throughout the countries of the East over the past two thousand years, yet relatively little knowledge of them has passed to the West. In this second volume of Stage by Stage series Philip Freund takes us beyond the barriers of culture and language to introduce us to the theatrical traditions and stagecraft of India, China, Japan, Korea and the many independent lands surrounding them. He describes the challenges that exponents of both Eastern and Western drama are facing as our cultures clash as never before and at the same time demonstrates how universal is the impulse to dramatize our experience. This comprehensive account will help Western audiences to gain a better understanding of Oriental drama and will greatly enrich the resources available to those who work in the theatre. Oriental Theatre is the second volume in the Stage by Stage series, a monumental history written over the past thirty years by Professor Philip Freund. The product of vast learning, enormous research and, above all, a passion for theatre, these volumes represent a unique and extraordinary achievement in the literature of the stage.