Oceans of Sound: Sama Dilaut Performing Arts

The Austronesian-speaking Sama peoples make up one of the most widespread cultural groups within the Southeast Asian island world. The so-called sea-nomadic Sama Dilaut, part of the linguistic sub-group of the Sama-Bajau, form a very distinct community both socially and culturally. The performing arts are a crucial part of their life and cultural identity. Yet, previous studies of Sama Dilaut societies have hardly touched upon their music or dance forms. This edited volume attempts to close this gap in our knowledge. Contributions focus on kulintangan and other types of instrumental music, song repertoire and dance. Other topics include: Continuity and transformation in Sama Dilaut performing arts; Issues of globalisation and identity negotiation through music; Transnational flows and their impact on Sama Dilaut music and dance; The relationship between Sama Dilaut performing arts and those of surrounding communities; The impact of constructions of nationhood on Sama Dilaut music-making.