Norman Garstin: Irishman and Newlyn Artist

Norman Garstin (1847-1926) was a painter of distinction and one of the most important Realist artists of his time. He was the outstanding painter of the Newlyn School in both oil and watercolour. His pictures are distinguished by their subtle tones and hues, striking highlights, and powerful atmosphere. This book not only examines his work, but also tells the fascinating story of his life. Born into the Anglo-Irish gentry and raised in tragic circumstances, his first great adventure was as a diamond miner at Kimberley, where he shared a mess tent with Rhodes. It was after being half blinded on the hunting field that he decided to train as an artist in Paris. A brilliant writer and intellectual, Garstin was also a witty, kind and courageous man. This superbly illustrated book, based on extensive research, is the first full length study on Garstin's work, and includes a comprehensive catalogue of his pictures.