New Technologies and Creativity in the Secondary School: Theory, Issues and Ideas for Developing Creative Learners

What does it mean to teach someone to be creative? How do new technologies support creativity? New Technologies and Creativity in the Secondary School examines what we mean by teaching young people to be creative, and how technology - vital in young people's lives - can be used to encourage and enhance creative thinking and learning. Engaging with the underpining theory and latest research in the field in an accessible, applied way, this book provides a sound introduction to the nature of creativity in education and why technology is a powerful tool for its development. Central to the book is an accesible framework that can be used by all subject teachers to effectively harness technology in your lessons. The book: * considers creativity in secondary schools now * examines the relationship between technology and creativity and how it can empower teachers and students * shows you how to overcome the perceived barriers to using technologies * presents a framework that encourages imaginative and lateral thinking in your students and promotes the use of different intelligences * considers how we can assess creativity effectively, and monitor and record creative development. Illustrated by detailed case studies of how a wide range of technology has been used by teachers, this book is an essential introduction for all student teachers, practising teachers, technology consultants and coordinators, and education studies students who are investigating the power of technology for promoting creativity.