New Image Frontiers: Defining the Future of Photography

Photography is defined as the art of producing images on photosensitive surfaces. NEW IMAGE FRONTIERS: DEFINING THE FUTURE OF PHOTOGRAPHY reveals past, present, and future trends in photography. From hardware to software, aesthetics to documentation, this book discusses current advances in photography and predictions for the future, including comments from top photographers and others in the business. Addressing the basics of photography as they are applied to defining photography's future, the book's content is culled from a number of important industry resources as well as interviews with master photographers. The book includes interviews with gallery owners including Michael Foley (who features images from Thomas Allen, Martin Klimas, and Alexandre Orion) and Laurence Miller (who features the work of Denis Darzacq, Aaron Siskind, and Jessica Backhaus) and photographers David Nitsche, Gary Ortman, Robert Contreras, Arthur Coleman, Betty Meyers Pauwels, Kris Krug, Susanna Kraus, Rene G. Boscio, Courtney Ott, Henry Posner and Vik Orenstein, and John Maloof (for photographs by Vivian Maier).