Negative Image

Famous photographer Rudolph Steiner arrives in Trafalgar, BC, to shoot a feature on mountain tourism. He has another reason for the visit, too: to find the young, beautiful, naive, supermodel who left him 25 years ago to marry another man. Today Eliza Winters is no longer young and definitely not naive, but she is still beautiful and married to Trafalgar City Police Sergeant John Winters. When Steiner is found shot in his luxury hotel room, suspicion falls upon Eliza who had, inexplicably, visited Steiner there. Soon John Winters realizes he doesn't know his beloved wife as well as he thought. Meanwhile, Constable Molly Smith has her own troubles. When tragedy strikes her own family, Molly has nowhere to turn for help...Vicki Delany lives in bucolic Prince Edward County, Ontario. Negative Image is fourth in her series featuring Constable Smith, Sergeant Winters, and Trafalgar, British Columbia.