Natural Wonders of the World

Some wild places are known for their sheer physical beauty, others for their incomprehensible vastness or their vanishing ecosystems. This comprehensive portrayal of such wondrous locales to visit includes marvels from every continent: Africa's Victoria Falls and Namib Desert; Asia's Himalayan Mountains and the rain forest in Borneo; Australia's Great Barrier Reef; Europe's Greek Islands and Norwegian fjords; North America's canyonlands and Everglades; South America's Amazon River and Galapagos Islands; and Antarctica's glaciers. This informative text describing each of these celebrated places covers geography, geology, and natural history, providing a concise survey about each location's evolution and its native plants and animals. This lively tour of the most awesome natural places will serve as an inspirational book for the intrepid traveler and an exciting but comfortable journey for the armchair tourist.