My Shot: The Very Best Interviews from Golf Digest Magazine

Lee Trevino confessed his one superstition: never to use a yellow tee. Earl Woods (Tiger's late father) tenderly recalled his son's childhood struggles with stuttering and 'sand twaps'. Hall of Famer - turned - TV commentator Judy Rankin could never, ever forget a spectacular shot she saw Greg Norman make on the 16th hole at the '89 British Open.For years, Golf Digest's monthly My Shot column has informed, entertained and emotionally touched the magazine's readers with its first-person accounts of golfers' lives and careers. Now, the best of those columns have been gathered together in a book that is this year's must-give gift for any golf enthusiast. In its pages, golfing greats of past and present - the amateurs and the pros, the men and the women, the indisputable legends and the merely very famous - talk about themselves in a remarkably candid way. They crack jokes, gossip, reveal their quirks and foibles, and their wisdom about golf and that other game - the one called life. Striking photographic portraits illustrate each story in this revealing, often riveting, collection of reminiscences.