Gareth Malone_BookD: Music for the People

Series: BookD Podcast (4)
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BookD offers a fascinating perspective into the world of publishing. Listen to authors discuss their inspiration behind their books, and hear the story of how these books were transformed from the initial concept. Tune in every other week for conversations with the stars of literature, art, film, music, science and politics. In this 2 parter of BookD, we talk to Gareth Malone about his new book entitled appropriately 'Music for the People'. More inappropriately, no matter how many people say your hair rocks or alternatively and rather, cutting to the chase screaming, MARRY ME, I'LL LEAVE MY HUSBAND!!! or even Oooh look Doreen, it's that lovely choir boy off the telly , Gareth has audiences of all ages falling in love with his passion, enthusiasm and has managed to ease us all into the genre that is classical music.