Multigroup Equations For The Description Of The Particle Transport In Semiconductors

Deterministic simulation of the particle transport in semiconductor devices is an interesting alternative to the common Monte Carlo approach. In this book, a state-of-the-art technique called the multigroup approach is presented and applied to a variety of transport problems in bulk semiconductors and semiconductor devices. High-field effects as well as hot-phonon phenomena in polar semiconductors are studied in detail. The mathematical properties of the presented numerical method are studied, and the method is applied to simulating the transport of a two-dimensional electron gas formed at a semiconductor heterostructure. Concerning semiconductor device simulation, several diodes and transistors fabricated of silicon and gallium arsenide are investigated. For all of these simulations, the numerical techniques employed are discussed in detail.This unique study of the application of direct methods for semiconductor device simulation provides the interested reader with an indispensable reference on this growing research area.