Multicultural Immunisation: Liberalism and Esposito

This is a critical intervention in liberal theories of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has recently been declared dead, while at the same time the value of diversity is still emphasised - how can we explain this? In this book, Alexej Ulbricht sets out to completely reassess liberal theories of multiculturalism, and argues that the 'backlash' is actually the strengthening of tendencies already present in liberal multiculturalism. Using the theories of Roberto Esposito to argue that liberal multiculturalism is best understood as a series of immunitary processes, Ulbricht examines some of these processes and looks to what cultural coexistence beyond immunity might look like. It is a substantive and original critique that allows us to reassess liberal theories of multiculturalism. It examines three liberal processes of immunisation using the work of Kymlicka, Parekh and Taylor. It is the first major application of Roberto Esposito's work on immunity in English. It opens up new perspectives on how we might organise cultural coexistence.