Mothmilk and Moondust: Reflections on the Traumas and Trivia of Life

Mothmilk and Moondust is an unusual book. It is a collection of poems, stories and reflections on lives lived in grace to the end, and in writing so tenderly and sensitively about the death of her mother, Karen gives us permission to attend to our own grief in an intense but comforting and healing way. Gentle humour, loving kindness and poignant commentary on the foibles of humanity give this work a special place. Mothmilk and Moondust is a bowl of cherries for the times when we need a sweet reminder and witness to the grace of God in our lives. Sales of Mothmilk and Moondust will benefit Strathcarron Hospice, Stirlingshire. Karen McCuaig Macdonald was born in September 1942, right in the middle of the war. Like so many other Scots destined by circumstances to be born 'abroad', Karen made her first appearance in Didcot, Berkshire. Karen lived at twelve different addresses in the first eighteen months of her life, finally settling in Dollar. After a brief and confused year at St. Andrew's University, Karen came to Glasgow where she married Ian They have four children and six grandchildren. Ian and Karen are active elders in their church in Drumchapel. Karen's work has been published in newspapers including the Glasgow Herald.Mothmilk and Moondust is her first foray into books.