Money Makers: Stock Market Secrets of Britain's Top Professional Investment Managers

Who are the Professional investment managers responsible for moving and making millions on the stock market? What approaches and strategies do they adopt? For the 1st time, Johnathon Davis profiles Britain's top Professional investors to find out what it actually takes to become a successful investor. From the Professional's Professional Anthony Bolton to Jacob Rothschild's money man Nils Taube, to the emerging markets guru Mark Mobius, and the Private investor's champion Jim Slater, the book traces the personal history of these market wizards and explains their track records and methods. Through in-depth interviews, Davis also reveals how they become involved in the stock market ; their Greatest successes and failures ; and their opinions on the current and future investent envrionment. The Money Makers, contains a wealth of valuable information for anyone interested in investment and the stock markets. For Professional investors, the book provides a fascinating insight into the characters and lives of their most successful peers. For Private investors, the book contains genuine tips and lessons for successful investing that any ordinary investor can act upon.