Micropalaeontology in Petroleum Exploration

There have been a number of papers marking the association between micropalaeontology and petroleum exploration, and a small number of books containg contributions to the subject. However, there have been no previous books that provide a comprehensive and thematic treatment. This book attempts to redress that imbalance. The first part deals with pure micropalaentology. Microfossil groups include calcareous, siliceous, phosphatic, and organic-walled microfossils and calcareous nanofossils. The second part treats the principles and practice of applied micropalaentology and sequence stratigraphy. Case histories of applications in a range of geographic, geologic, amd stratigraphic settings are given. The final chapter deals with applications outside petroleum exploration, and contains sections on environmental monitoring, coal mining, mineral exploration and exploitation, and engineering. The book is extensively illustrated and referenced, and is an invaluable reseource for both academic and commercial palaeontologists.