Michelangelo and Painting

For each one of us, scholars and art lovers, dealing with Michelangelo should be an honour. Indeed, because one must place itself with an honest heart beyond the sterile confusion of the academic studies that dissect the genius. Michelangelo compels us immediately to speak about Genius, Art and Passion, words that are almost forbidden in certain spheres, he urges us to ponder on the fear of death that the great men have experienced and tried to pass on from a century to another. It is not easy to understand Michelangelo's painting, an artist who has created masterpieces like theDoni Tondo which is now in the Bargello Museum in Florence, the decoration of a part of the Sistine Chapel: the ceiling between 1508 and 1512, orThe Last Judgement, three decades later (1534-1541). These works of art and the Cappella Paolina (Pauline Chapel) are the paintings expounded by Francesca Pellegrino who guides the reader, step by step, among the works of art of Michelangelo Buonarroti. English Language Edition.