Memorials of St. Edmund's Abbey 3 Volume Set

Multiple copy pack
Bury St Edmunds possessed one of the wealthiest abbeys in England. This three-volume collection of Latin documents relating to the abbey was edited with English side-notes by Thomas Arnold (1823-1900) and published between 1890 and 1896. Volume 1 contains lives of the Saxon king Edmund (martyred by the Vikings), the miracles attributed to him, and Jocelyn de Brakelond's late twelfth-century chronicle of the abbey. Volume 2 contains a chronicle terminating in 1212, accounts of building works, narratives of abbatial elections in 1215, 1257 and 1302, and an early thirteenth-century Anglo-Norman metrical biography of St Edmund by Denis Pyramus, a monk of the abbey. Volume 3 contains a variety of records, including the Cronica Buriensis, which covers the years 1020-1346, and the Brevis cronica, covering 1020-1471. A glossary and index to all three volumes are also provided.