McQueen's Agency

When Molly McQueen decides to return home after an unhappy time in Australia, she needs a new challenge. As the coronation of Queen Elizabeth-II lifts the spirits of post-war Britain, Molly opens her brand new venture, McQueen's Agency, and is determined to make a go of it. The agency hires out temps to local businesses but Molly soon finds it tough going, until one day when a lucrative job comes in to McQueen's Agency which almost seems too good to be true. On her first day working for Lamont's Antiques, Molly senses that something isn't right, but her agency needs the income. She's determined to get the job done, until she gets caught up in a web of intrigue and deceit that puts her life in grave danger. And for Detective Sergeant Charlie Johns, the mysterious discovery of a sailor's body in the harbour is about to get a whole lot stranger as more and more clues start to point towards Molly McQueen.