McGraw-Hill National Electrical Code 2008 Handbook, 26th Ed.

The #1 Guide to the 2008 NEC (R) to Ensure that Electrical Work Passes Inspection on the First Try! Completely revised and updated to reflect all 2008 Code changes, McGraw-Hill's National Electrical Code (R) 2008 Handbook, 26th Edition provides the essential put-the-code-into-practice guidance that users require in the field and in the office. An industry bestseller for over 85 years, this classic handbook helps decipher and interpret new Code changes and difficult and controversial rules. With the new addition of Frederic P. Hartwell to the author team, this time-tested reference has been rigorously revised and rewritten to cover all the information needed to meet 2008 Code requirements.Covering every topic in the 2008 Code, the coverage ranges from grounded conductors, branch circuits, feeders, surge arresters, wiring methods, cables, conduits, and hazardous locations, emergency systems, communications circuits, and product safety standards. McGraw-Hill's National Electrical Code (R) 2008 Handbook, 26th Edition features a bind-in card with a code that enables users to download the searchable e-book and the following new coverage: New rules, terminology, and definitions that modify key grounding conceptsNew rules for GFCIs and AFCIsFire pumpsRepair garage area classificationsSolar photovoltaic systems, including utility interactive invertersExtensive coverage of how to size conductors under all loading conditionsCritical operations power systems (COPS)-the new Article 708 on hardened facilities Inside this Practice-Oriented Guide to the 2008 NEC (R) * Requirements for Electrical Installations * Branch Circuits * Feeders * Services * Surge Arresters * Wiring Methods * Cables * Conduits * Tubing * Busways * Wireways * Raceways * Fixture Wires * Switches * Appliances * Generators * Capacitors * Storage Batteries * Hazardous Locations * Temporary Wiring * Emergency Systems * Communications Circuits * Tables * Examples * And Much More!