Material Culture in London in an Age of Transition: Tudor and Stuart Period Finds C.1450-c.1700 from Excavations at Riverside Sites in Southwark

Series: MoLAS Monograph (No. 19)
Material Culture in London in an Age of Transition is a major new illustrated catalogue of a rare assemblage of items from the Tudor and Stuart periods, mostly from waterlogged riverside sites. Objects of leather, bone, wood and glass as well as metal (with metallurgical analyses) include clothing and accessories; household equipment, fixtures and fittings; and items attesting writing, reading and leisure pursuits, as well as textile working, non-ferrous and ferrous metalworking, leather working, woodworking, bone, antler and glass working, ship building and fishing. There are weights; coins, tokens and jettons; pilgrim souvenirs and secular badges; horse equipment, arms and armour fragments. The discussion considers specific chronological trends as well as more general aspects of production, trade and changing styles.