Mastering Plein Air Acrylic Painting with Marcia Burtt

Join Marcia Burtt, renowned acrylic painter of 25 years, in a start-to-finish demonstration on painting exciting, lifelike landscapes. Take your pieces further and go beyond the preset ideas about painting en plein air with Marcia's unique approaches and expert advice on choosing a location, making compelling compositional choices, and creating rich and subtle painting effects. Enhance your skills and your artwork as you learn how to: * Hold the brush at the right angle and how to paint water and reflections to create powerful, inspiring pieces. * Take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of acrylic with Marcia's paint-manipulation techniques. * Capture your full experience of a place through thoughtful use of color and technique for a composition that makes people stop and stare. * Add richness to your acrylic paintings with how-tos on layering paint, using white and black, blending, and repainting.