Mastering Advanced Surface Ablation Techniques

Mixed media product
This is a futuristic kind of book on the resurgent advanced surface ablations containing 64 chapters and covers all the known techniques in a comprehensive manner. Leading international refractive surgeons share their experiences in the book and state that ASA is more safe and stable than that of first generation surface ablation performed with excimer laser. A video DVDRom is also provided with the book showing step-by-step ASA surgical techniques by international experts for the benefit of the practicing doctors and viewers. It has been stated with authority that it leaves a structurally stronger cornea than LASIK thus lower incidence of corneal ecstasia. ASA is certainly a better procedure than LASIK for high myopia, atypical corneal topography, inferior steeping steep central cornea and high oblique astigmatism. With the advancement in the sphere of corneal biomechanics surface ablation for laser vision correction once again increases its appeal. A resurgence of photo refractive keratectomy technique, limits the structural alteration of the cornea. Topography guided ablation for irregular corneal surfaces or wave front guided ablation for correction of eye aberrations are indicators of the increasing sophistications of the ablative process. The text is supported with DVD Video Rom with reviews of the basic science of corneal ablations including biophysics of thermal as well as non-thermal techniques. This in valuable contribution will go a long way to guide surgeons to avoid pitfalls during their learning stages. This book also explains the adjunctive methods like the role of mitomycin C, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medications to prevent adverse effects. Corneal laser vision correction is common in so many aspects of medicine and ophthalmology, and on this rapidly growing subject this volume provides instant insights into the current status of surface corneal ablations. Surface and near surface ablative techniques form the subject matter of this volume. The collective experience of the world's leading laser vision correction surgeons has been put together in this clinical ophthalmic textbook. It provides up-todate information for the enlightenment of the readers so that it contributes to the welfare of countless patients who undergo treatment for low and moderate myopia, astigmatism and low hyperopia.