Mapping Jewish Amsterdam: the Early Modern Perspective: Dedicated to Yosef Kaplan on the Occasion of His Retirement

Paperback / softback
This collection of essays is dedicated to Prof. Yosef Kaplan upon his retirement from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem as Bernhard Cherrick Professor of the History of the Jewish People. Under the title Mapping Jewish Amsterdam: The Early Modern Perspective prominent international colleagues and friends deal with a number of Kaplan's most important research topics in the field of Dutch Jewish history, such as the critical study of primary sources, the contacts between Jews and the surrounding non-Jewish world, the Sephardic diaspora, the coexistence of Ashkenazim and Sephardim, the life and work of Sephardic luminaries and Jewish material culture. These studies celebrate Yosef Kaplan's outstanding contribution to the study of Jewish history in general, and of the history of the Jews in the Netherlands in particular.