Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media

Porous Media are objects of research in physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, computer science, life and medical sciences, as well as of industrial applications. Readers might work in: Universities, Research Centers, Industries Petroleum, Cultural Heritage, Soil, Medical Schools, Hospitals etc. This was the tenth event in a series of conferences, devoted to the dissemination of the recent progresses of Magnetic Resonance techniques applied to Porous Media and of our understanding of structure, molecular dynamics, and fluid transport and behaviors in traditional and new porous media. New experimental and theoretical approaches have been proposed to study, for example, unique characteristics of new materials, as well as classical properties of fluids in porous media, to model classical and anomalous diffusion, to design magnets and procedures for special applications. New instruments, apparatus, pulse sequences were presented for solving problems in traditional applications and new ones. Examples of the fruitful exchange of experiences between the general field of porous media and medicine have been presented.