Luna & Lola

In 1997 Priscilla Rattazzi and her family got a fluffy golden retriever, which they named Luna. Seven years later, they got a miniature dachshund they called Lola. As different in temperament as they were in body size, these two beloved dogs eventually became the quirkiest couple in Carnegie Hill, New York City. Here, renowned photographer Rattazzi captures the distinct personalities of these two charming canines. In 150 black-and-white photographs, she has chronicled the playful spirit of their everyday activities - from romps in Central Park to riding the ocean waves in East Hampton - all while capturing how their changing lives eventually mirrored that of her own family. Filled with personal essays and anecdotes - including a moving obituary for Luna - 'Luna & Lola' is a touching tribute to the ways in which our dogs become inextricably entwined in our hearts and our souls.