Love's Last Gift

In May 2007, while on a family holiday, Bebhinn Ramsay's husband Alastair woke in the middle of the night with a fever. Just over forty-eight hours later, he died in a San Francisco hospital from a rare complication to a common infection. At the age of thirty-one Bebhinn had lost her soulmate, the father of her two young sons, but also her faith in life. In Love's Last Gift, this inspirational and thought-provoking memoir, we journey with Bebhinn as she searches for answers and a sense of meaning to her husband's untimely death. From walking the Camino de Santiago with her two young sons in the weeks following Alastair's death, to spiritual retreats and self-reflection, we discover how Bebhinn eventually finds peace, happiness and acceptance by opening her mind and her heart. Love's Last Gift is a beautifully-written and ultimately uplifting memoir of hope, courage and eternal love. In 2008, Bebhinn Ramsay set up ARCH, the Alastair Ramsay Charitable Trust, and moved to Florianopolis, Brazil to oversee Child Health Florianopolis, a child-focussed charity. All royalties from Love's Last Gift go directly to ARCH.