Looney Tunes (R) Collectibles: An Unauthorized Guide

During the 1930s, the first Looney Tunes*r series debuted at movie theatres as part of Warner Brothers Vitaphone Shorts. This classic series achieved overnight success for its brilliant animation and pre-recorded sound. It proved to be the perfect diversion for audiences looking to escape the harsh realities of the Depression Era. At the start of World War II, Bugs Bunny*t was introduced. His patriotic character instantly became an American icon. Even after almost 70 years, the Looney Tunes*t characters still dominate the limelight. As American classics, they have inspired literally thousands of quality products to be manufactured. These items are sought after by eager collectors because of their humor and fine craftsmanship. Can you believe that memorabilia like a Bugs Bunny*t waffle iron, Tweety Bird*t lawn sprinkler, and Pep Le Pew*t perfume bottle actually exist?!! Yes, it's true! These collectible items are shown among the 450 plus color photographs, along with descriptions and values. If you are Looney for Tunes, this book is a must for your collection.