Looking Together at Student Work

This expanded second edition provides teachers and administrators with strategies and resources for working together to examine and discuss student work, such as science projects, essays, art work, math problems, and more. Providing real examples of how educators can do this, the authors describe three structured conversations, or protocols: the Collaborative Assessment Conference, the Tuning Protocol, and the Consultancy. (For more information about these and other valuable protocols see 'Assessing Student Learning'.)Retaining all of its practical, user-friendly features, this updated edition introduces: a new section that summarizes recent research that supports looking at student work as an instructional and school improvement strategy; The Consultancy, an additional protocol that shows groups how to address issues and dilemmas of practice using student work as evidence; a new chapter on the role of the facilitator, including techniques; a new case study focusing on the Tuning Protocol; and, an updated list of resources and publications that can provide further help.