New Maths Frameworking: Level 8 Extension Workbook

Collins New Maths Frameworking Level 8 Extension Workbook is for students aiming for Level 8. Plenty of practice in process skills and challenging problems will help students tackle the new assessment objectives at GCSE to ensure they achieve the highest grades. * Focus on applying skills at level 8 with questions that assess process skills and involve problem solving. * Stretch the more able students with unstructured questions, maths problems and challenges that involve making connections across mathematics, a vital skill at KS3 and GCSE. * Prepare your students for GCSE Maths early by building the skills required in the new assessment objectives at GCSE with some actual graded GCSE questions. * Push up borderline level 7/8 students to secure a level 8 which should translate into Grades B/A/A* in GCSE Maths - crucial for the English Baccalaureate. * Make checking students' work and marking easy with the write-in format and answers in a tear-out section. * Give to students for independent work, use in Gifted and Talented classes, revision sessions and for maths homework.